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Hi I'm Paul Blaber I've been passionate about painting military figurine's since I was 9 years old. It seems like yesterday when I started, fond memories of going to Woolworths with a family friend and Grenadier Guardsman Mr David Paine to buy my first Airfix Collectors series kit, a 54mm Coldstream Guard at the battle of Waterloo 1815.

Many an hour spent in awe of this Gentleman's vast collection of Historex figures mostly converted by David as he put it "they don't make what I want so I chop them up and make these" me open mouthed obviously, David having two daughters I found myself the son he could encourage, as this was the 60's/70's films like Zulu, Zulu Dawn, Waterloo, The Man who would be King and my favourite of all time The Duellists what more can you ask.

Teen years pass and I came back to the hobby in my 20's and joined Gravesham Military Modelling Society, reacquainted myself with David again as he was the Treasurer there, I soon realised that this club was brimming with seriously talented modelers, boasting two figure manufacturer's David Grieve and John Tassle.

The learning curve was a steep one and hard critique encourages you to work hard to achieve the results you want, I just wanted to hold my head up in this crowed of greats!  

But this web site is not totally about figure painting, I've added pages on my other interests, from Motorcycles to Fishing and my Cars 

I have opened a new chapter as a sculptor and I have created Paul Blaber Miniatures, I will be selling my Sculpts as kits from this site, the casting is done by Mark Day of SK2000 at present and is of high quality.

Have a look in shop, there will be steady uploads of new products as I expand the range hopefully improving the subject base.

Paul Blaber Miniatures 

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