About me, it sounds daunting to be honest!!

But as I said on the welcom page,I've been figure painting on and off for 30+years, and by now I should have the hang of it?

Every figure i pick up is a new challange, and not all work out right, it would be boring if it did and I think I would loose interest.


I'm also a keen fisherman, and go as often as I can,you can see more in the web pages collumn left.

And motor cycles have been a passion for as long as I can remember.

In time I will up date this with more pictures of what I get up to...so keep watching!!!!!!!


One foot note;I have started to sculpt and release these here in my shop,the latest feature on this  site,I hope to keep up to date.

Mission control, well sort of, my world in a corner of the house.

Thing's i can not do without, series7 brushes, humbrol paints,magic sculpt, good reference material, and an endless supply of tea in a large mug........

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Below are myself and much

better painters being put

through our paces speed

painting in Antwerp(AMMS)

show....Bill won this contest